The Ranch is a Healing Place...

Our Non-Profit serves mature women who have experienced Sexual Trauma, Exploitation, or Human Trafficking.  

These issues touch lives at many different levels.  

Together we are teaching women how find real ways to cope and move forward in their lives as Thrivers, not as Victims.  

We teach real life skills that allow us to rebuild confidence and trust in ourselves again. 

As a collective of trauma experienced women, we are teaching kids and small special interest groups 



Together our stories make a difference and can help other women find healing.  

Together our stories are helping others to find their voices and speak their truth so that healing can begin. 

But we are so much more than that...

Our farm is to wonderful not to share.

We have a special place to host small groups of friends who want to come together for special gatherings. 

Or just hang out for an afternoon in a quiet safe place to reflect and reconnect with the small voice inside.

From the Gardens to our horses, chickens, goats, and a fishing pond, we have lots of places to explore.

Check our Events tab for Special Healing Reatreat information

Farm to Table Meals for Home Delivery

Our Social Enterprise allows women to come together to learn how to use their culinary passions to learn new skills and 

...change the end of their story

Firefly Creek Ranch Gathering & Retreat Center ‚Äč

Overnight Guest Accommodations for 2-15 people 

Call for open calendar dates for your small group event 


Equine Assisted Therapy Programs 

under development

We are currently working with an amazing group of women who will be helping us to connect with our beautiful friends who understand so much...

Under the Stars...

Check our events tab to learn more about our Healing Warriors Campfires group events.  

Together we are sharing stories of triumph and tragedy.  

Nurturing and supporting each other to find ways to move forward with meaning and purpose