Our Story

My name is Brenda Rose. I am simply a woman with the courage to believe in a dream, trusting that the God who has given us this amazing opportunity has a bigger plan, and a story to write. Together with my husband Skip Carver, and our extended family of Sons & Daughters of the King of Kings we are creating a place of healing & refreshment on the journey.

We believe that it is about the lives we touch in our everyday living. Giving of who we are, Connecting with others, and sharing their story is a privilege.

Sharing the journey in real ways is where the Gospel of Jesus really lives. The Spirit of Christ changes lives when we share of ourselves and the gifts we have been given to touch lives in ways that make a difference. It's not just rhetoric here.

Together as a family of Believers we have been given the opportunity to breathe new purpose back into the former Guthrie County Home. Historically it has always been a place where those in need found a place to call home.

We feel The spirit of the Underground Railroad still resonating through the rolling hills of Guthrie County. It reaches out and offers a place of refreshment & restoration on your journey. When you take the time to come here and experience it for yourself you will know.

Everything about Firefly Creek Ranch is about helping others to restore their spirit & soul at whatever their level of need is. From gatherings of Families & Friends comes a deeper healing that strengthens us on this journey. Sharing good food, Spending real time with each other and putting the electronics aside takes us to a place of laughter, connecting, and grounding. It allows our bodies to naturally do what they know how to do when given the chance. Heal.

.....And then we met Kelley Markey with Dorothy's House, a Non-Profit Recovery Program for victims of Human Trafficking, and a whole lot of crazy ideas suddenly made a whole lot more sense. We are grateful to share the journey with the amazing Program Directors over Dorothy's House, Wings of Refuge, Freedom House, Garden Gate Ranch, Jericho Outreach Ministries, and the other Non-Profits who are in the fight against Human Trafficking. Proceeds from Gathering and Retreat Center Activities and our Dining & More programs go towards the development of programs that will help women in recovery after Human Trafficking take it to the next level.  

The Caretakers of this Amazing Adventure

Brenda Rose, RN, Skip Carver, Keith Leslie, Bill & Toni Wright, and the amazing tribe that God has surrounded us with.

Come and experience refreshment for your soul!

It is my privilege to return to the most beautiful County in the State of Iowa. Together with my husband Skip Carver, we have been given an amazing opportunity to develop the former Guthrie County Home into a Non-Profit Gathering & Retreat Center.  Our ministry supports healing for women who have been through sexual trauma

Come and spend some time nurturing your soul with us!

Find us in the heart of Guthrie County.  Please reach out to us for address and directions

Guthrie Center, IA.