Our Story

Meanwhile back at the ranch…Some folks may be wondering whatever happened to the Guthrie County Farm?

It has been an amazing journey for Brenda Rose, her family, and her team as they have continued to develop what used to be the former County Home. Originally the plan was to offer safe affordable housing for seniors who could thrive living on a farm, and staying healthy through remaining active.

“We soon learned that God had an even bigger plan for continuing the story of this beautiful farm. We knew that there was a simple healing of the heart & soul that happens through stepping away from familiar routines and workplace stress to experience the simpleness of the farm. But the challenge was how to share that with others in the most meaningful ways.” “As we continued to follow the path we were being led on, we could see that the healing of ranch beckoned to more than seniors. We began to embrace developing our resources into a Non-Profit Farm Style Gathering & Retreat Center that would allow families and friends to come together for family events and healing retreats. This has been a great success, but we still felt that there was something even bigger that God had in mind.”

“Then we met Kellie Markey, the founder of Dorothy’s House, a recovery home in the Des Moines area for women who are on a journey of emancipation from Human Trafficking. Together with Karen Kennedy, Dorothy’s House Volunteer Coordinator, and our Firefly team, we began to imagine the possibilities, and everything we had been dreaming began to make a lot more sense.

A Social Enterprise happens when people with a common cause come together to make something profound happen. A synergy happens that creates something unique. And so the amazing kitchen at Firefly Creek Ranch began to beat with the rhythm of a new heartbeat, and women survivors of trauma began coming together to find healing and new confidence in themselves.

As a Registered Nurse Care Manager, Brenda often cares for families going through changes and challenges related to their loved ones who are aging. She observed that when our loved ones don’t eat well, or sustain on snacks, they become weaker and more vulnerable to falls or health events that can cascade quickly. She observed that our best health and well being often comes from the strength we get from our food. But, if it doesn’t taste good, our families don’t eat well. And so the ideas began fusing…

Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine…” We have been learning that Keto and Gluten Free diets are indeed therapeutic for many health disorders. Healing is often achieved through synergizing the diet with other interventions and the correct medications to reach the best outcomes.

Creating a healthy meal while balancing kids, their activities, and an aging loved one is a challenge on the very best day. Having the opportunity to serve a Farm to Table Family Style Meal or have something simple and yummy to pop in the oven can make such a huge difference for families who want better quality time together.

It just makes sense that together as a team of amazing women we can create simple good food that is affordable, and our families will eat better without fussing. And at the same time relationships happen and healing hearts are strengthened. Our mission is to help women who have experienced Human Trafficking or Sexual Trauma to build new Real Life Skills, Trust, and Confidence in themselves, and to learn to live and love again. The ugly that happens in our lives can heal when hearts find a greater purpose together.

Together we are creating opportunities for women who are committed to finding new identity in Christ and Changing the End of Their Story...

We are grateful to the Guthrie Community Foundation for awarding us a grant that allowed us to restore our walk in cooler and freezer units. An important foundational step that allowed us to move forward with our plans to grow and develop. The Community Foundation contributes to this community in so many ways that often go unnoticed. We are very grateful for their support and enjoy being part of making this community thrive.

Firefly Creek Ranch Dinners & More. From our kitchens to yours, Take and Bake Meal Plans (including keto friendly and gluten free choices) or Farm to Table Family Meals To Go. 

For more information about meals or job opportunities please reach out to Brenda or Leah at 641-755-2926 or 515-554-5489

The Caretakers of this Amazing Adventure

Founder and Program Director Brenda Rose, RN 

and her husband, Skip Carver 

Our board-Chefs Eli Rosenberg and Geno Carver, 

CFO Mike Carey, Attorney Cynthia Letsch, 

Caretakers Phil & Leah Carico 

and the amazing village that God has surrounded us with.

Come and experience refreshment for your soul!

It is my privilege to return to the most beautiful County in the State of Iowa. Together with my husband Skip Carver, we have been given an amazing opportunity to develop the former Guthrie County Home into a Non-Profit Gathering & Retreat Center.  

Our ministry supports healing for women who have been through sexual trauma

Come and spend some time nurturing your soul with us!

Find us in the heart of Guthrie County. 

Please reach out to us for address and directions

Guthrie Center, IA.